Art Fairs Service

AFS is an expert company specializing in installation of walls for art fairs, auctions, museums and galleries. We also offer a wide range of supportive services and additional accessories. Our teams of dedicated craftsmen possess the state of the art equipment and latest technological knowhow in the field, and are guided by highly specialized and experienced management.


Management and planning

We provide a full package addressing your needs – hall inspection, layout planning, as well as any supplementary equipment.

Equipment and service

Art spaces equipment rental, installation & service. Easily transformable modular art walls exposition system. Wide range of extras and additional services.

Logistics and construction

 Delivery all over Europe from our operational centre in Belgium. Fast installation and removal. Building speed for a 2500m2 installation – 24h, removal -12h.

Design that looks less 'theme' and more you.

Our equipment and technological solutions are contemporary and tailored to create perfect walls framing unobtrusively a space where true art can display itself. Wall panels are purposefully designed for art exhibitions. Lightweight and sturdy, our panels support equally well a 60-kilogram piece of modern metal art or a million euros Chagall. The joining technology allows for smooth and swift changes in wall configuration, impeccable safety and stability.

Specially designed walls. Lightweight and stable, cost effective.

Solid wood frames covered with 6 mm MDF and filled with cardboard honeycomb. Fire-resistant coating approved by Inspecta®. CNC finish for the panels ensures maximum accuracy. Eco-friendly water-based paint finish provides optimal light reflection. Improved panel repair. Pictures and objects can be attached using nails or screws.

The walls are made of natural, environmentally conscious and recycled materials and using construction techniques that meet EU standards and requirements.

Support service

We provide technical support throughout the whole installation process as well as during the event, with a service personnel member per each 600 m2.


We are fully dedicated to our cause! Always on the dot. Always full attention and highest quality. Always more than you expect.


AFS civil liability is covered for 5 million Euros. We pride ourselves in the fact that so far no liability payments have been made.

People and walls

The production team typically consists of a project manager and technical supervisor, who oversee and coordinate building process during all stages, from space inspection and logistics to human resources organization and uninterrupted workflow to meet set deadlines.
Art Fairs Service will provide professional technical assistance at any point during the event.


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