Moniker Art Fair

Having worked on our recent event, “Moniker Art Fair: The 7th Edition” at the The Old Truman Brewery this past October, with Marcis, Aivars, and the extraordinary crew they brought with them to London, it would be unfair of me not to highly recommend them to others in my field. Working as a production manager in the arts, I have had a wealth of experience with various temporary wall suppliers in the past few years. The level of care and attention to detail provided by AFS was a pleasant surprise, and their ability to adapt to clients needs (which were many on my part), their speed, efficiency, and ability to provide a very complete package for art fairs and similar events, easily won me over. I can not imagine that I will be looking for another provider for events, both here in the UK and abroad, as they are prepared to travel internationally while still remaining cost effective

All in all, AFS really treated us with care, and its worth repeating that I found their team extraordinary. Aivars designed several custom elements for our art fair that were unique solutions, and in line with our aesthetic as a company. I altered our floor plans (which Aivars designed for us) dozens of times in the 3 months that we worked together, and was very pleased with how quick and accurate their response was. AFS are professional, flexible, and incredibly easy to work with. The fact that they are not a UK based company is a non issue – I found their response time and deep understanding of our needs well above average, and felt safe working with them every step of the way.

Honestly, they couldn’t come recommended highly enough based on my experiences with them. AFS provides a creative, no nonsense, professional and contemporary service. My entire team enjoyed working with them on site during build and break days, they are an incredibly accessible team. Please do feel free to contact me directly if you wish to discuss their service further or have any questions.

Product Manager